Landscaping as “any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land.” But of course, at DJP Developments, we know that there is so much more to landscaping than just that.

Landscaping, which refers to the planning, laying out and construction of a garden or outdoor space, can completely enhance the aesthetic appeal, beauty, and monetary value of an outdoor area. From an outdoor kitchen space or fire pit to a decked pool or new fence, landscaping and garden design can encompass it all, the options truly are endless.

Why is landscaping important?

Landscaping includes both the structural and living aspects of an outdoor area. When working with a reputable landscaping and design company, they will incorporate both structural features like walling and decorative stone, as well as various plants and trees into the design.

Landscaping is very important for the following reasons:

• Fresh plants, foliage, and trees (especially if indigenous) attract the right insect and animal life into your garden. They will promote a healthy ecosystem to form, making the space healthier for both you, your family and the ecosystem.
• Structural features and foliage can increase your level of privacy.
• Your properties value and aesthetic appeal will be increased making it easier to sell (if you are looking at that) or moreover just increase in value.

Using stones and rocks as a landscaping feature

When looking at structural options for landscaping, there are several options to choose from when it comes to flooring, pathways, walling and rock features. We often get asked what types of landscaping rocks can be used? Or what types of decorative landscape stone types there are?

Here is our most popular list:

• Large stones – ranging in size from huge to medium (like a soccer ball), large stones have a dual purpose of being both beautiful and functional as both garden features or decorative additions.
• River rocks – round, smooth and ranging in size from medium to small these rocks can be used in French drains, pathways or in decorative areas such as around garden beds.
• Gravel – best used as a top layer on unpaved driveways, gravel is not good for areas where people walk as they can be quite sore under foot. Gravel can be used as decorative element around large rocks too.
• Lava rocks – known for their bright red colour, lava rocks are a great stone type to line paths or as features in arid garden beds.
• Flagstone – perfectly used for stepping stones, these stones are round, flat and smooth. They are also used as flooring for patios and cemented in.

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