DJP Developments provides a full range of building and labour hire service and will organise teams to suit your job – big or small. DJP Developments is run by David Grbavac who has had more than 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. So, David can use his experience and that of his team to help you with your building job too.

We can design, plan and construct:

DJP Developments will manage project design and construction to meet your budget and to deliver quality workmanship on time.
Work with an independent designer and own the plans we provide.

Our tradesmen are of the highest quality workmanship and with them, we strive to exceed client expectations on quality.  We also pride ourselves on time management and honest communication. We provide you with a comprehensive timeline and regular updates to keep you well informed.


DJP Developments adheres to a Code of Practice which means your worksite will be safe, clean and efficient. While building your job, we also strive to build a friendly rapport between you (the client) and us (your trusted builder).


We can give accurate start and completion dates and guarantee excellent prices and professional service. Whenever possible, we’ll give you a ‘fixed price contract’.

To help you schedule, we’ll let you know well ahead of time the start and completion dates for your job.

Our professional team will then roll into action. We have a set-out team to check and set the job before our team starts work. Our Site Manager then manages the job until completion.

We offer a professional and flexible service. We believe communication is important. We can make a difference to the building industry today and for the future.