Thinking about renovating your home? It doesn’t have a to be a daunting task, filled with stress and a never-ending budget. If you follow these simple tips and avoid a few mistakes, renovating your home can be an incredibly rewarding experience, giving you the home of your dreams in no time at all.

Easy planning tips for house renovations

Tip # 1 – Check what you’re working with

Have a contractor that you trust come out and assess your current home from top to bottom. It is best to understand the framework of what you’re working with. They will check for damp or mold, asbestos, and leaks. They will also check and evaluate your structures like walls and the roof. A once-over of the electricity, plumbing, and heating will also be done. Once you know what you’ve got, you can get planning on where you need to get to.

Tip # 2 – Pick your best contractor

Finding the right contractor for your needs is going to be essential. Decide for yourself what kind of experience, expertise, and team you want your home renovations company to have. Bear in mind that the cheapest is not always best. A reputable company will always be willing to advise and guide you through your renovation project and will value feedback and communication as a standard throughout the project. An experienced contractor will also take the time to understand your budget (and stick to it) as well as getting to know you as an individual.

Tip # 3 – Set a budget

Figuring out a budget as you go along is a big no-no. Creating a detailed, realistic budget before you start to renovate is key. Make sure you budget for design and planning costs, building costs, fittings and fixtures, and finishes like painting and skirtings. Your reputable contractor will be able to guide you as to the fixed costs for each process. Always add a little extra into the budget too for any unplanned eventualities.

Tip # 4 – Create a project plan

Once you know what you’re working with, whom you’re going to be with, and what your budget is, it’s time to create your house renovation project plan. A project plan will include details of deliverables and timelines expected to take place throughout the home renovation project. Don’t forget to make plans for where you and your family will be eating and sleeping during the renovation process if necessary too.

Avoid these five things when you renovate:

1. Expect perfection
2. Figure out your budget as you go along
3. Choose the cheapest
4. Don’t listen to the experts
5. Create a skewed dream that cannot be turned into reality

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